One of my main focus on athletes is the back. The clients I get to coach notice right away that their back grew. Most people do not train their back properly, completely, or explosively. That is because the back has many different muscle groups and functions. This leaves tons of weaknesses and injuries just waiting to happen. A strong athlete will have two things for sure: strong legs and strong back. And I can deliver both.

Strong and powerful legs are another thing that I focus on. Most athletes NEED strong legs. Ignoring outliers like rock climbers or gymnasts that is... This is why most of the training I include in programs involves the lower body to some degree. An athlete should be able to bound above any obstacle in their way. This is accomplished by choosing a handful of lower body exercises and training them HARD and consistently.

Client Testimonies

"When I was training myself, I was decently strong but I constantly tested maxes and missed them. I also got elbow tendinitis, and I didn't know from what. Abrahim helped me not only train smarter, but in a couple of months, the tendinitis had eased out a lot as well." -Nour

"I asked Abrahim for a training program for cross country runners, and he delivered. Not only did I gain 10 pounds and get stronger, but I also dropped 45 seconds off of my mile time! He knows how to deal with runners, that's for sure." -Adam

"After getting injured, I was worried to start lifting heavy again. But gradually, I started lifting six days a week again. I quickly realized that lifting six days a week was unreasonable to me. It was too many days, I needed more recovery and had a busy schedule. So I went to Abe for a four day a week program and I haven't stopped using it since. Love his work." -Mo