Athletic Lifting

About Me

My name is Abrahim Asmaiel, and I spent 5 years of my life trying to be as athletic as I can. After spending 3 years in varsity cross country and track, I realized that I needed to get stronger to go faster. I started lifting, and quickly saw myself start running faster. I started lifting weights more intelligently, and tried to get even stronger. At that same time, I also fell in love with MMA, and redirected my efforts into that sport. I hope to one day compete on a professional level in either a combat sport or track and field. I have been training for a total of five years now, and want nothing more than to help others become the best athletes they can be.


Strength training has helped me in my asperations of becoming a better MMA fighter. As I grow stronger in big compound movements, I have less trouble navigating my opponent and positioning myself advantageously.


Sprinting is a powerful sport. This means it takes a powerful athlete. What's more powerful than lifting heavy weights? Every runner should have a good strength program behind them.


Building strength and muscle takes time. It doesn't happen over night, progress is measured over months. It takes carful planning to avoid injury and lead to good progressions in strength and aesthetics.

My Method

I believe that an athlete does not need to worry about lifting to look 'aesthetic'. From my experience, training to get stronger and more powerful always leads to looking better. This is why I do not tend to give my clients an easy program. Unless specifically requested, ALL my clients will lift heavy weights eventually. It makes you look good, and perform better. I also believe in training a movement pattern and progressively overloading on it rather than hitting a muscle from different angles. I feel as if training a squat or chin up or whatever movement will make you stronger over time, while choosing many exercises for one muscles often leads to a waste of time and no strength gains at all.